January 2024 - Reviews

In our first major software release of the year, we're making it easier for governance teams to review and approve (or reject) Use Cases as part of a governance workflow!

Date: 01-08-24

New Features

Use Case Review and Approval

Users can now conduct end-to-end Use Case Review and Approval/Rejection in Credo AI, a workflow designed to get you to AI Use Case approval as efficiently as possible.


After creating a Use Case, request Review from relevant stakeholders. Use Case Reviewers get notified upon assignment. Jump into your Use Case Overview to review questionnaires, metadata, risk, and compliance data in the same place.

Review Approvals Review Status


Leave a Review and optional comment or Change Request to express your perspective on the Use Case. Admins can override and Approve or Close the Review at any time.

Fully Approved Review


We've added Alerts to make it easier to see if an AI Use Case exhibits unwanted behavior or characteristics. This assists with quickly making decisions when evaluating whether to build, procure, or deploy an AI Use Case.

Alerts appear when evidence provided to a Use Case control meets defined criteria and then produces a customizable message explaining the reasoning behind the issue. Users can configure alerts for custom Policy Packs in the Policy Pack builder.

Questionnaire Alerts

Documentation & Tutorials